Saltos del Moconá

Right after Cataratas del Iguazú, this waterfall is the most important and spectacular natural attraction in the Province of Misiones. Moconá Waterfalls are enclosed by Parque Provincial Saltos del Moconá and Parque Estadual Do Turbo on the Brazilian coast. As a geological fault unique in the World, Moconá Waterfalls divide the Uruguay River lengthwise; and being a two-mile-step it constitutes an uninterrupted waterfall that depending on the river's height can reach up to 60 feet high.
Don Enrique offers its guests a boat trip to Moconá Waterfalls. Boats depart from the mouth of Paraíso River in Uruguay as well as from El Soberbio, reaching its climax when the boat enters the channel where the waterfalls pour all their flow. From this position, one can sense and appreciate a priceless natural spectacle.