Don Enrique Lodge is located in the eastern-centre of Misiones province, 15 miles west of Moconá Waterfalls. You can get there by air, via Posadas (174 miles) or via Iguazú (180 miles). From there you can take a bus to El Soberbio. Upon requirement, Don Enrique Lodge offers a reliable transfer service from airports, bus terminals or any other place of your choice. The lodge can only be reached by four wheel drive vehicles.
For those who travel by car, the roads are in perfect condition all the way up to the city of El Soberbio, 25 miles away from Don Enrique Lodge. From that point onwards, the road is paved for the first 10 miles. The following 10 miles, up to Colonia La Flor, are on a rough track, usually accessible for any kind of vehicle. The last 5 miles are only suitable for four wheel drive vehicles, since at times the road is quite rough and run-down.
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How to get here

By air:
  • * From Bs. As. either to Posadas or Iguazú, daily flights. Aerolíneas Argentinas and Austral, TEL. 0810-222-VOLAR (86527). www.aerolineas.com.ar
  • * To Iguazú, daily flights. Lan Argentina, www.lan.com
By bus:
  • * From Bs. As. to San Vicente, first-class bus, daily. Crucero del Norte, TEL. en Bs. As. 4315-1652/0478.
  • * From Bs. As. to El Soberbio, first-class bus, daily. Vía Bariloche, TEL. 0800-333-7575
Don Enrique Lodge offers a reliable transfer service, which may be hired from any point of your choice.
Service Providers:
  • * Yabotí Jungle: Miguel y Estela Taszi, TEL. (03755) 495266, (03755) 15652853, [email protected]
  • * Alto Uruguay Turismo: Paula Leegstra - Marcelo Poletti, TEL. (03755) 495349/198, (03752) 15201387, (011)1555115460, [email protected]